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25 May 2008 @ 10:03 pm
If I never see your face again  

Title: If I never see your face again

Summary: Nikki decides after to many promises that she can no longer see Zac. This story follows the process of how Nikki lets go.


Author's Note: You can't own real people and all mistakes are mine. I love feed back and if you enjoy the story please let me know :) Multiple chapters are likely if all goes well :)

Chapter 1

The Australian premiere was tonight and Nikki was trying desperately to figure out a way of suddenly becoming to ill to go. She had been looking forward to coming to Australia ever since her friend had went. Her friend couldn't stop talking about how much she loved the land and wanted to one day move here. Nikki smiled when she thought about how much her friend loved this place. She had been so jealous when she found out Nikki was going but now all Nikki wanted to do was get as far away as possible.

As she walked around her hotel room she heard a voice, “ Nikki, if you don't stop pacing your going to ware out the carpet.

Sorry Ma, I was just thinking about some things,” she didn't want to look her mom in the eyes because she knew she would be unable to hold back her tears.

Nikki you can't hide out in here forever. He will come and find you; besides it's just as much your day as it is his. He's been here before and therefore you shouldn't let him ruin your time. He brought her and there's not much you can do about it. I really can't believe he did but I should have figured as much.”

All Nikki wanted to do was run away, “ Ma, can't we just skip tonight? I mean it's not like anyone is gonna pay me that much attention being that Mr. Teen Heart throb is gonna be there.”

Nicole Margaret Blonsky! How dare you say that! You've worked way to hard to let someone like him get in your way of happiness. I told you along time ago not to fall in love but of course you knew better, well, now your gonna have to endure the heart ache and learn from your mistakes.” Karen wanted to fix her daughter's problems but she learned along time ago that it was best to live and learn. As she watched her daughter sit on the bed and stare at the floor all she could think about was walking over to Mr. I think I'm hot stuff and give him a piece of her mind but she knew that was the last thing Nikki wanted her to do.

Walking over to the bed she sat down and rubbed Nikki's back, “ Nikki, honey, look at me,” pulling her daughter's face up to look at her blood shot eyes she smiled, “ Honey, I'll be right there if you need me but you can't let this get you down. You've been through hell and back to get here and no one and I mean no one can take tonight away from you.”

Nikki smiled and put her head on her mother's shoulder. Both women sat on the bed and held each other tight.

As Nikki and Karen arrived to the theater, they could hear hundreds and hundreds of fans screaming, “ Nikki!!!!! OVER HERE!!! Please take a picture with me.”

Nikki smiled as she looked at everyone waiting to meet her. Taking a deep breath she started doing what she did best, smiling and acting like she was on top of the world.

While taking pictures she heard blood curling screams and looked up to see Zac walking down the red carpet. There eyes met and he smiled brightly.

Hey there good looking!”, he said to her leaning in for a hug. The hug lasted a little longer than it should because he made it a point to whisper into her ear, “ Nikki, I'm sorry. I had to bring her.”

Nikki pulled back and smiled, “ Lets go and take some pictures.”

As they walked the carpet hand and hand she tried to think about anything else but him. She did her best not to look at him but that was pretty impossible because, well, those blue eyes held her world.

They had finally made it up on stage when, Marcus the announcer asked Nikki if she could please sing, Go Morning Baltimore. How could Nikki say, “ Eh, I would rather not.”?

She smiled as she said, “ Of course! I would love to!”

As she took the mike she watched Zac walk off the stage and stood there waiting for her to sing. The music started and she began to sing but suddenly the music stopped not once but twice. Finally, after a couple times of stopping and starting, she decided to sing without it. She didn't need the music, because that song had been a tune in her head since the first time she seen Hairspray on broadway. When she finished she handed the mike to Marcus and proceeded to walk down the steps as she heard everyone clapping and screaming her name. She smiled and felt someone grab her hand, looking over to see the blue eyed boy that had her heart, body, and soul holding her little hand in his. Smiling has he held her hand tight proceeded to swerve in between people as he followed his publicist to their seats.

They had finally made it to their seats. He waited for her to sit and get comfortable before placing himself beside her. The lights had dimmed and she could feel his hand finding hers. Without a thought she quickly retreated her hand to her lap. He leaned in, “ Nikki, please,” whispering in to her ear. Without even looking at him she whispered back, “ You have a girlfriend.”

He knew then that tonight was gonna be a long night.

Finally after two hours of sitting and watching a girl she wished she could be, the movie had ended. As they stood up and started slowly leave the theater not a word was spoken between them. Nikki knew Vanessa would be waiting for Zac in the car and that was why she had told the driver to pick her and Karen up on the opposite side of where he dropped them off.

Before Zac could realize what was happening he seen Nikki and Karen walking to the other side of the theater. Without thinking Zac ran after Nikki. “ Nicole! Stop!”

Nikki turned around, “ Are you crazy? What are people gonna think?”

There gonna think that two best friends are having a conversation,” smiling as he said it.

All she wanted to do was smack him, “ You know Zac you are some piece of work. You act like I am just suppose to be okay with all this. Well, I'm NOT!”, she could barely contain her anger but she was not gonna let him ruin her trip. With that said she grabbed her mother's hand and walked away.

All he could do was stand there and watch her walk away.

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bree_81bree_81 on May 26th, 2008 04:27 am (UTC)
loved this chapter cant wait for the next one.. good to see nikki tell zac whatshe thinks of the whole thing.

loved how her mum was telling her it was as much a night for nikki as it was for zac.
hairsprayx12hairsprayx12 on May 26th, 2008 04:41 am (UTC)
Awesome!!! More!!!!!!!
bigggeekmimi on May 26th, 2008 09:07 am (UTC)
I'm loving it already, can't wait for more.

I gotta admit though that your summary scared me a little because I always want a happy Zikki ending. :)
zikkilover0110zikkilover0110 on May 27th, 2008 01:18 am (UTC)
MORE PLEASE this was awesome!