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Zikki Shrine

Zikki Shippers' Unite
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Zikki Shipping and News

The first Zikki community on LJ. We welcome everyone who wants to join in the love of Zac Efron and Nikki Blonsky. It's the only place on LJ with guaranteed Butt Grabbage and Trouser Malfunctions.

Our Rules are simple and basic.

1. Be nice. This a place of celebrating love. So if you don't like the ship or the actress or the actor don't join.

2. Type in full sentences. No text speak or any other internet short hand.

3. Keep everything relevant to the topic. Hairspray is ok. Zac news great. Nikki pics awesome. Story about Harry Potter no, this isn't the place.

4. If you want to be added in to the community then you have to have a profile and at least one entry. I will not add anyone to the community that has a blank profile.

5. All of your entries must be friends locked. If they're not. They will be deleted.

6. Certain things should not be shared. Example: If we have anti-character/actress discussions don't go and spill this to everyone. Especially fans of said actress/character. This is a no wank zone (unless it's the good and dirty self love kind). If I suspect you of being a trouble maker I will delete you.

7. After talking it over. I won't force this community to go into moderated submissions. However that means it is your responsibilities to friends-lock your posts. It's a rule, you have to no allowances will be made. THIS RULE WILL CHANGE IF YOU DON'T FOLLOW THE RULES.

8. Affiliating is awesome and if you drop us a line we'll be happy to. But don't just post about your new community without following rule #3.

9. We have tags. Please look at this post. For tagging rules. Each author has a tag and we have alt. pairing tags, as well as character tags. Use them. If your story features anything 'ship, besides just Zac/Nikki. Meaning brief hints at Zanessa or any other pairing use the appropriate tag. IF you are a first time author do NOT make your own tag. I will do it. Be sure to note that it is your first time on the board so I know. I or one of the mods, will delete any posts that are not use the tagging feature. It took a lot of work to set up and with more than 200 members and two to three post daily we need to be strict about tagging.

10. If for any reason I have to delete more than three of your posts I will ban you from the community. Reasons I will delete your post:

A. Off Topic-
Anything that doesn't have to do with Zac or Nikki is off topic. This means you can write about the characters from the movies they play, you can write about them. You can have posts just merely dedicated to one or the other. But not other ships. Sorry. But this is a Zikki Shrine. There are communities dedicated to Zanessa and Zashley. And soon to at least LaSky. We don't need another one. If your fanfiction has multiple pairings, that feature one or more of other ships, be sure to note that. And don't post it if it ends up with a pairing other than Zikki. Otherwise posts about meeting one or both of them are acceptable. News about them is a go.

B. Site Pimping:
Pimping a site that has nothing to do with Zac or Nikki.

C. Not tagging.
I spent an entire day going back and tagging things from the last 7 months. I didn't even finish it because we had so many. I will eventually get it all done. I will gladly help people in understanding the tags if you don't. I will not, continue to fix tags of people who just aren't doing it. Forgetting sometimes I get. Not doing it after you've been repeatedly told? Bannable offense.

Reasons I will Ban you:

A. Not following the rules.

B. Having more than three posts deleted.

C. More than four warnings.

D. Behaving in any way that is rude to another poster.

I've never had to ban anyone. I'd hate to start now. But for this community to run smoothly we need to have some rules. Follow them, please.

11. All fanfiction should follow this format.

Warnings:(This means if any type of 'offensive' material is part of your fic. Note it please. Meaning [but not limited to.]: slash, abuse, rape, or character death.)
Summary: (Make this brief.)