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26 May 2008 @ 01:43 am
If I never see your face again  

Title: If I never see you again

Summary: Nikki decides after to many promises that she can no longer see Zac. This conclusion comes after to many promises broken.

Rating: Adult

Author's Note: You can't own real people and all mistakes are mine. I love feed back and if you enjoy the story please let me know :)


Walking Away

As Nikki got into the car she could no longer control the tears. The tears felt like fire as they trailed down her face. Why had she been so stupid? Did she really think he would leave Vanessa? She had known better than to fall in love with him but tell that to her heart.

The drive back to the hotel was made in silence. Karen didn't know what to say. Sometimes its better just to get it all out. She hated watching her daughter cry but there wasn't much she could do.

Finally, after what had seemed like eternity they had made it back to their rooms'. Nikki looked at her mother and without a word, Karen nodded and returned to her separate room.

Nikki looked around to her bare hotel room and took a deep long sigh. All she wanted to do was lye down on the bed, close her eyes, and forgot everything that had happened. She could still feel the heat in her hand from where he had held her hand. She wanted so much to hate him. She wondered if their was some sort of potion that she could drink that would turn her love into hate? If all that passion to love could be turned into hate then she knew she would make it. She chuckled at the thought. There was so much she wanted to say to him back there but she knew she would have regretted it.

She could still smell him around her. There had been a time where all she wanted was to be consumed with his smell, sleeping in his shirts, spraying his cologne in her room just so she could feel surrounded by him but now all she wanted to do was scrub his scent off of her and her clothes. Walking into the bathroom she drew herself a bath. Climbing into the tub she could feel the warm water surround her. She moaned as her sore muscles reacted to the water. Closing her eyes she tried to dream of a better tomorrow.

After a long soak she got out of the tub and wrapped herself in her bathrobe. Wiping the steam from the mirror, she looked at her reflection and could see what heart ache was doing to her youthful look. Unable to stop chuckling a little bit she said, “ No man is worth becoming ugly for!”

Pulling her hair up she heard a knock on the door. “ Great! I wonder who that could be?”

Peering through the peep hole she seen the very person she was trying to forget.

Zac, what are you doing here?”

Nikki please let me in.”

Why should I? Didn't I make my point tonight when I was leaving?”

Dammit Nicole! Open this door!”

Umm I'm sorry are you commanding me or asking me?”

Taking a deep sigh Zac whispered, “ Nicole...please. We need to talk.”

Nikki knew she was being childish but she had every right to be. Against her better judgment she opened the door.

Zac was speechless for a few minutes as he seen the sight before him. A still semi wet Nikki standing in front of him almost naked, well, at least underneath that robe anyways . Maybe things were looking up.

Zac! Earth To Zac! Whatever your thinking you might what to rethink it because its NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!”, sarcastically spatting as she walked towards the balcony.

Closing the door he proceeded to follow her. Walking out onto the balcony he watched as the moonlight danced across her skin. How could she get any more beautiful he thought?

Nikki did her best not to even look in him the eyes. She knew just one look would make her walls come tumbling down. “ Zac we can't do this anymore. I need to be with someone that,

isn't ashamed to be with me.”

It took all Zac had not to run over to her and prove he wasn't ashamed of her.

Walking over to her and getting as close as he could he grabbed her hand, “ Nicole, how could you say that I am ashamed of you?”, pulling her hand and placing it on his heart, “ Do you feel that?”

As the tears welled up in her eyes and she turned her head to look anywhere but at him,

Please....Zac. I can't do this anymore,” she softly whispered.

Nicole do you feel my heart beating? You once told me that our hearts beat together. How can I survive without you? “ pulling her face back towards him he knew that she didn't hate him and in fact she loved him more than she ever had before.

As he leaned in to kiss her, she heard a knock on the door, “ Nicole...Honey... Are you there?”

Pulling away from Zac she said, “ My mother is at the door. I think you should go.”

Nicole...please.” , he couldn't believe what she was saying.

Zac I don't want to talk tonight and in fact maybe we should just stay away from each other whenever possible. Vanessa needs you right now and I need space to think.”, looking him in the eyes she grabbed his hand, “ We'll talk someday but not tonight.”

As he walked towards the door he turned around hoping she would change her mind. Her

expression did not change and he simply nodded and opened the door to a surprised Karen.

Hi Karen,” was all he could say. Unable to look her in the eyes he slipped around her and proceeded to walk down the hallway with his head hung down.

Karen was not shocked to see Zac and in fact had heard him knocking on Nikki''s door. She purposely had come over to hopefully prevent Nikki from succumbing to Zac's charms.

Nikki smiled at her mom knowing full well why she had suddenly come over and this time

instead of being angry she was very grateful.

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bigggeekmimi on May 26th, 2008 09:23 am (UTC)
“ Do you feel that?”

“ Nicole do you feel my heart beating? You once told me that our hearts beat together. How can I survive without you? “

aaaawww *sigh* I love Zac's way of telling her he can't live without her, so sweet.

It still makes me mad though how he just expects her to be ok with the whole Zanessa thing.

Loved it!! more plz!!! :)