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26 May 2008 @ 09:36 pm
If I never see your face again  

Title: If I never see you again

Summary: Nikki decides after to many promises that she can no longer see Zac. This conclusion comes after to many promises broken.

Rating: Adult

Author's Note: You can't own real people and all mistakes are mine. I love feed back and if you enjoy the story please let me know :)



I'll show you

After the premiere of Hairspray the night before, Zac and Nikki had a full day of interviews starting off with the first one at 6am. The night before Nikki had decided she was going to pull out all the stops. At 12 am she called her stylist Kelly and begged her to please come over. Grudgingly,

Kelly came over.

Kelly, I don't want to match Zac.”

Umm what are you talking about? Who said I talked to Zac's stylist?”, Kelly looked at Nikki baffled unable to understand what was going on.

Nikki looked at Kelly confused, “ You mean to tell me that we just magical match every single day?”

Shrugging her shoulders, Kelly said, “ I guess so. I don't really pay much attention to what he is wearing. As long as you look good that is all that matters.”

Well, if that is the case then I want to pick out something that shows my best features,” Nikki was looking in the mirror at her breast and smiling; “ I want to see him squirm,” she said smirking.

Kelly went through her wardrobe and picked a very flattering black dress with white flowers on it and a black jacket. As she turned around, Nikki looked at the dress, “ That's perfect!” Kelly smiled, “ So, I take it you two are fighting?” Nikki turned around, “ Oh we are so beyond that! He brought her knowing full well that this was suppose to be about us and our movie. I mean of all times she just magically shows up. Those pictures be released were no accidents.”

Kelly intrigued by Nikki's last statement asked, “ What do you mean it was no accident?”

Nikki knew she had already said to much but she was mad enough that she didn't care, “ Oh please, she wanted those pictures to get out so people would look at her as more adult than childish. Its not like she isn't beautiful but I guess that just wasn't enough. I mean why did she have to come and bring that scandal? Honestly, she hates the fact that Zac actually seems happy with me. She's made several comments and we all know that MOD kissed burned her in more ways than one.”

Wow, you really are pissed aren't you?”, Kelly couldn't help but chuckle; she had never seen Nikki so mad but she didn't blame her either. Zac had lead Nikki on and that wasn't right. He couldn't have both worlds., “ Well, its almost 2 am, Nik. I really need to get to bed.”

Thank you for helping Kelly,” Nikki leaned in to hug her.

No problem, sweetie. I can't wait to see how far his eyes bug out tomorrow, “ Kelly winked as she left.

The next morning, Nikki was actually excited to see Zac. She knew without a doubt that Zac was gonna be shocked and pleased but unable to express himself in the only way he knew how. She smiled as she thought of turning him on and knowing that he was gonna be unable to show Nikki knew just how much he adored her body.

As Nikki closed the door she heard her mother's voice, “ Nikki Blonsky are you trying to kill a man?”

Unable to hide her giddiness she turned to her mother, “ A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!”

Karen said, “ That may be true but that poor boy doesn't have a chance.”

Nikki smiled, “ That's the point!”

As they arrived to their first interview Zac was patiently waiting for Nikki to show up. He heard someone giggle and knew instantly who it was. When she walked through the door he felt his heart jump into his throat. He felt the world stop around him as he viewed the most beautiful woman standing in front of him. How had it all went wrong? Could they ever be what they once were?

Walking over he smiled as their eyes met, “ Hey baby doll, you look beautiful.”

Nikki smiled, “ Thank you. You don't look half bad yourself.” Instantly Nikki regretted what she has just said, “ Be strong Nikki be strong,” she thought to herself.

Zac tried to grab Nikki's hand as they walked into the studio but she quickly moved her hand.

As they sat through the interview he couldn't help but constantly looking over at her. He watched her as she tried her hardest to place herself in the crack on the side of the chair. She never once looked at him. He felt so small around her. She really did have him body and soul. How could he have been so stupid? That question went over and over in his head.

After what seemed like a million interviews they were finally free to enjoy what little time they had left in Australia. As they left there last interview Nikki told her mom she was going to the bathroom. Zac, knew this was the moment he had been waiting for all day. Without her knowing he followed her into the bathroom.

As she opened the door she looked up to see Zac standing right in front of her. “ Zac.. What the.....” Before she could even finish her sentence he grabbed her and pushed her up against a wall, crashing his mouth on to hers. As his tongue begged for entrance Nikki could not deny him. After several minutes he broke the kiss. She looked at him unable to speak a word.

Nik, I'm sorry but I had no choice. You haven't talked to me all day and you wouldn't even look at me. I wasn't sure how much longer I could take us being so distant. You know it wasn't my idea for her to come but I had no choice.......” before he could finish she put her finger on his lips, “ We always have a choice.”

Dammit Nikki that's not always true. What do you think would have happened if I told her she couldn't come? Remember Nikki your not the only one I have to please. Do you think I enjoy living my life according to what others tell me to do? Hell No! I don't enjoy it. You have no idea how much I want to proclaim to the world that I love you with all that I am but right now I can't,” he couldn't stop the tears from coming.

Nikki walked over to him and wiped his tears away, “ Zac, you know how much I love you but I can't live a lie. I refuse to be the other woman and I can't be a man that has to please others. You made a promise to me in Toronto and now its like it was all a farce. Remember the promise?”

Of course I remember the promise. I remember everything I've ever said to you,” Zac backed away and sat on top of the counter.

Walking over and sitting beside him she couldn't help but sigh, “ You promised me that you were gonna end it. I told you that under no circumstances would I be the other woman but here we are and I'm the other woman. It's not fair to her or me. You made your choice along time ago. I'll be your friend but I can't be your lover.”

Looking over at her he replied, “ We both know that is impossible. You can't tell me that your body doesn't yearn for mine.”

Suddenly Nikki stood up and turned to look at him, “ Who the hell do you think you are? You act like I just can't live without you. Sorry but I can!,” with that she walked out leaving him sitting in the ladies room all alone.

As Nikki closed the door she looked up to see her mother standing there, “ Is everything okay?” Nikki smiled, “ It will be.”

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aggieduchess10aggieduchess10 on May 27th, 2008 03:22 am (UTC)
ummmmmmmmm zachary are u stupid or something seriously just dump slutgens and get with nikki hello its not that hard