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13 June 2008 @ 02:39 am
If I never see your face again  

Title: If I never see you again

Summary: Nikki decides after to many promises that she can no longer see Zac. This conclusion comes after to many promises broken.

Rating: Adult

Author's Note: You can't own real people and all mistakes are mine. I love feed back and if you enjoy the story please let me know :) Also I decided to take this story in a different direction but its still gonna have lots of drama :)  What is love without drama?



Every Relationship has a Moment

As Nikki spoke the words she could feel Zac smiling as he kissed her. “ Why does he have to be so cocky?,” she thought. He acted as if he knew there was just no way she would deny him access to her body. Did he really think that he was the only one that could have her? That no matter where they were at any given time he could have his way with her? She wanted to pull back but her body wouldn't let her.

Pressing her up against the wall he started to run his hands down her sides. She could feel herself becoming putty in his hands. As he ran his hands down her side he proceeded to hungrily kiss her neck. With every kiss her moans became deeper and deeper. At first it was kisses and then he began to suck on her neck. Her hands wandered down his back and on top of his ass. The more he kissed her neck the more of his ass she grabbed. She could feel his arousal against her and all she wanted to do was push him on the bed but he wouldn't let her. She felt his hands move upon her ass and down to her legs. Grabbing a leg and pulling it up he was able to position himself closer to his destination. All she wanted to do was scream please just do it but he was taking his time. He loved knowing that he was driving her crazy, feeling her grinding on him made him want to tease her that much more.

“ Zac.... please just fuck me,” she panted into his ear. “ I can't bare to wait any longer.”

Pulling away he looked at her, “ Ms. Blonsky that is not lady like language. I think you might need to be punished.” With a gleam in his eye he moved closer to her and hiked up her night gown . She could feel his fingers dancing on the top of her panties. Slowly he ran his hands between her skin and the panties making her shiver from the touch of his hands. The closer he got to the prize the more she licked her lips. As she licked her lips he couldn't help but stare at those red glossy lips. She knew what to wear to turn him on. It was as if it was a little game, who could give in first. They had become perfectionist at hiding their little gestures to get the other one going. It was sort of a foreplay that no one else was able to figure out. Maybe it was the mere fact of this relationship being so forbidden that made him want her that much more. As he started to move a finger in he could feel her wetness surround his finger. He loved feeling her warmth. Knowing that he was the only man that had ever had access to Nikki made him want to cherish each and every moment they were together. To him her body was a temple that needed to be worshiped day and night. With every move of his finger Nikki begged for him to be inside of her, with that he inserted two fingers and she couldn't help but be completely at his mercy. He knew she was close and he decided to grab her and move her to the bed.

Picking her up she wrapped her arms around his neck. As he placed her on the bed he realized that she had way to many clothes on. As he placed one knee on the bed and without a word he slowly lifted the gown up to see two beautiful breast exposed before his very eyes. He couldn't help but runs his hands over her breast feeling the hardness of her nipples. Her body trembled with every touch.

“ Dammit Zac! What are you waiting for?”

He smiled as he seen annoyance spreading across her face. She had never been known for her patience when it came to him having his way with her. He liked the fact that she was annoyed at his playing with her body. He wanted her to feel what he felt every time he wasn't able to have his way with her. The times she said she could no longer do this, that to may people were around or simply because they were separated by time zones.

Slowly moving on to the bed and on top of her their eyes met. He could see the passion and fear in her eyes. All he wanted to do was forget the world they lived in and think about the world where they could be together without consequences, where they were the only two people that mattered, and love was all they needed. Placing himself over her he said in a demanding voice, “ Say that you want me Nicole. That I'm the only man that satisfies you.” Before she could speak he moved so his lips were right above hers, “ Tell me you love me.”

She had never seen such passion and anger in his eyes. Could she tell him how he was her world? That he was the only man that she ever wanted inside of her? That she would rather be with him for one night then a thousand without? Her mind told her not to say it but her heart wouldn't stop pounding until she did. Looking up into those blue eyes, “ I've always love you.”

When she had spoken those words he could no longer control himself. With tenacity he crashed his lips onto her and he went inside of her. Two bodies had become one in that instant. Every emotion they had felt from the very beginning of their first meeting until now was showed in that moment. With every push she could feel tears flowing down her face. He could taste the salt on her lips but refused to open his eyes. Nothing could stop either of them from having their moment. This was the moment that every relationship comes to where it is either fight or flight. Neither could live without the other. Some where between time zones their hearts had melted together. With one final push both bodies shuttered at the same time. As he grabbed her head and pull her close they both wanted to capture this moment. To feel this moment for the rest of their lives. This moment was the only thing they were sure of because tomorrow was filled with uncertainty.

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bree_81bree_81 on June 13th, 2008 07:53 am (UTC)
loved it

i cant wait for the next chapter.
speechless1021 on June 13th, 2008 03:18 pm (UTC)
You won't have to wait long ;D